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Directory & Citations

The Directory & Citation program has two options. Yearly or Monthly.

  1. The monthly option requires $99 down today, followed by $49 per month. 

  2. The yearly option requires $499 down today which is valid for one year. (saves $139 per year)


With either option you choose, you will continue to have complete access to the Oasis Media platform which allows you to input, edit, maintain, etc. on 40+ directories all from one platform. 

Included with your order, you will receive a complimentary training with one of the members from our team within 24 hours of time of order. Please make sure all contact information is correct, in order for us to contact you promptly. If you do not receive a call from us within 24 hours (Hours Mon-Fri 9-6 est) then give us a call at 8773144084.

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